Cashless Payments

Embrace cashless gaming with Game Payment, the market-leading cashless payment solution developed and operated by Polar Moment.

Game Payment cashless payments

Experts in Cashless Payments

Game Payment Technology is a joint venture between Polar Moment and JCM Global, a world leader in transaction and payment technologies, to drive the amusement and gaming machine industry forward with cashless payment solutions.

Game Payment allows cashless payments to be accepted across all machine types, including gaming machines, grabber machines, pool tables, jukeboxes, and more! 

cashless gaming
cashless gaming
cashless gaming

Unlock the Benefits of Cashless Payments:


Gone are the days of fumbling for loose change or dealing with cumbersome cash transactions. A player can use one app to play on all the machines in a pub, club, or arcade, without the need for cash.

cashless gaming


Game Payment employs encryption technology, used worldwide by the payments industry, to guarantee security. Players' money is held in a secure e-wallet until they want to use it to play on a gaming machine.

Cashless gaming

Responsible Gambling

Game Payment is designed with measures to help players to manage their spending responsibly. These measures include setting safe bet limits and reminders, as well as use of advanced technology to verify a player's age.

cashless gaming

Technical Support

Polar Moment takes pride in delivering exceptional support to both businesses and users of Game Payment. Our dedicated team is readily available to provide technical assistance, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable gaming experience for all.

Partner With Polar Moment on Your Cashless Payments Journey

When it comes to payments, Polar Moment stands as your trusted partner. With our industry knowledge, technical prowess, and dedication to delivering exceptional solutions, we are ready to collaborate with businesses looking to implement cashless payment systems. Our team at Polar Moment is committed to providing comprehensive support throughout the project lifecycle, from initial consultation to ongoing technical and customer assistance. Contact us today to embark on your cashless payments journey.

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Our clients include three out of the four main card acquirers in the UK. You can find more of our clients below: