Polar Moment 2023: A Year in Review

19th January 2024

As we bid farewell to 2023, Polar Moment reflects on a year marked by achievements, hurdles, and unwavering dedication. Join us in revisiting the key projects that have defined our journey throughout the year.

Payments Consultancy

Payments Facilitation and Cash Management Platform

Polar Moment developed a business transformation platform, enabling our client to become a total solution provider by expanding its cash management services to include payment card acceptance. Working alongside compliance advisor FSCom, we helped our client become an Authorized Payment Institution. We then developed a unique AWS cloud-based payments facilitation platform, including a market-leading web portal for our client’s merchant customers. Following the successful rollout of the solution, we were invited to develop their cash management platform to provide a unified cash and card solution. This encompasses the web portal, settlement, invoicing, and transaction monitoring.    

Acquiring Services

A leading hotel operator sought Polar Moment’s expertise in securing cost-effective acquiring services. Leveraging our insights into market rates, we successfully assisted them in reducing costs, resulting in one of the most competitive acquiring rates in the sector.

Payment Systems Development - implementation

Public Transport Card Success

Polar Moment architected and managed the development of a public transport card payment solution. This card system, akin to London’s Oyster Card, enables users to purchase transport tickets and add funds to their cards through terminals located in convenience stores. The initiative has seen the sale of over six million cards, with more than one billion passenger journeys recorded to date.

Planet – Payment App Development

Polar Moment developed a number of innovative payment apps for the PAX IM30 Android-based payment terminal. These apps allow customers to make purchases using various unattended devices (e.g. vending machines) that use Planet’s payment SDK.

Payment Services

GPT’s PoolPay Innovation

Game Payment Technology (GPT) is the disruptive payments start-up in the amusement industry. Latitude 91, Polar Moment’s parent company, is one of the shareholders. This year, Polar Moment developed PoolPay – a groundbreaking solution enabling players to use a single payment terminal to pay to play any of the pool tables within a pub or similar venue.  

2023 has been a year of growth, collaboration, and impactful solutions. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our clients, partners, and the Polar Moment team, whose contributions made these accomplishments possible.


As we look ahead in 2024, exciting developments await. Stay tuned for upcoming projects and initiatives from Polar Moment!