The Roundup: Highlights from Q2 2023 at Polar Moment

The Roundup: Highlights From Q2 2023 at Polar Moment

27th July 2023

As the second quarter of 2023 comes to a close, we are excited to share the progress we’ve made in delivering software development and consultancy projects to some of the world’s leading organisations. Let’s take a look at some of what we’ve been up to over the past few months.

New Customer: Axcel Group

We’re delighted to announce that we’re working with Axcel Group, a prominent player in the hospitality industry. With 12 hotel chains, most operating as franchises under major brands, Axcel Group sought our expertise to achieve the best pricing for their acquiring services. It’s been a rewarding journey so far, and we are excited about the possibilities that lie ahead.


Game Payment Technology

Following JCM’s investment in the first quarter, we’ve been working on GPT’s technical roadmap and development plans. The focus is on exploring  markets beyond the UK.

We’re thrilled to share that a 6th major UK pub chain has come on board to trial Game Payment in two regions.

For the latest news on Game Payment, be sure to check this latest news post.

Our Other Activities This Quarter Include:

Enabling Ticketless Bus Travel in Ireland:

We've been diligently working on systems to support the seamless rollout of ticketless bus travel in Ireland. One vendor processed 300 top-up transactions in a single day in April!

Instavolt EV charging solution

Exploring Innovations in EV Charging:

Our team has developed a proof of concept for a payments app integration with Instavolt's electric vehicle charging solution.

Payments Centre of Excellence:

John Rozek, one of our directors, has been leading the creation of a 'payments centre of excellence' within a major UK supermarket. This initiative aims to revolutionise the organisation’s payment landscape.

As we head into Q3 we look forward to more payments projects . Are you looking for payment industry specialists? Contact us today to explore how Polar Moment can deliver exceptional payment experiences to your customers.



Latest News from GPT

Latest News from GPT

27th June 2023

Game Payment Technology (GPT) is a joint venture between Polar Moment and JCM Global, a world leader in transaction and payment technologies, to drive the amusement and gaming machine industry forward with cashless payment solutions.

Here are the latest updates from Game Payment, the market-leading cashless payment solution developed and operated by Polar Moment.

Game Payment cashless payments

Introducing Evgeny Shulyak:

GPT is thrilled to announce that Evgeny Shulyak, of JCM Global, will be working closely with the GPT team. In addition to his current role as a sales manager, Evgeny has taken on the position of head of business development for JCM Cashless Solutions. With extensive experience in the gaming industry and deep knowledge of payment technologies, Evgeny brings valuable insights and expertise to further propel the growth of Game Payment Technology.

Evgeny emphasises the importance of payment choice in today’s fast-paced world, stating, “By offering a secure cashless payment method, Game Payment enhances convenience and accessibility for players. We understand the significance of integrating cashless payment options alongside existing methods, providing a seamless and versatile experience for operators and players alike. Together, we will enhance the gaming experience for players and drive profitability for our customers, solidifying GPT’s position as the leading provider of secure and convenient cashless payment solutions. I look forward to forging strong partnerships and contributing to the continued success of GPT.”

Rapid Growth for GPT:

The value of monthly payments through the Game Payment app has more than doubled over the last eight months and is projected to have more than tripled over the course of a year. This growth is driven both by an increase in the amount played through each machine as well as more machines using Game Payment.

Positive Feedback on the TR-SLU Solution:

GPT’s TR-SLU solution, which allows players to use the Game Payment app for pool table transactions, has received outstanding feedback from operators. One notable feature of this solution is its ability to monitor the voltage of the batteries that release the balls. By providing real-time alerts when batteries are low, GPT ensures minimal downtime and maximises operational efficiency.

Cashless gaming

Operators have praised this functionality, emphasising how it eliminates unnecessary disruptions and enables proactive maintenance, as expressed by one satisfied operator: “That’s a great system, by the way. This will save unnecessary downtime.” Another operator stated: “It’s brilliant that this has happened, so I know to change the battery when I visit the customer on Sunday.”

Such positive responses demonstrate the tangible benefits GPT’s solutions bring to operators and players alike.


Our Commitment to Climate Action

Our Commitment to Climate Action

May 2023

Polar Moment and the Latitude 91 group has a dedicated strategy that focuses on our environmental, social, and sustainability commitments. All this ensures we are being the best business we can be. This includes everything from reducing business travel to supporting local schools and charities. We are members of the SME Climate Hub, committed to halving our emissions before 2030 and reach net zero by 2050.

SME Climate Hub

The SME Climate Hub provides tools and resources to enable SMEs to make a climate commitment, take action and measure their progress. Over 4,100 SMEs across 104 different countries have made the commitment to reach net zero by 2050, with key sectors including retail, energy, manufacturing, agriculture, technology. Learn more at:

Paul Deed is the Latitude 91 group’s sustainability and climate lead. Our estimated emissions for the last financial year were 23.1 tonnes of CO2e. Paul commented “This is a fifth of the average emissions for an IT industry company with a similar turnover. We are therefore already in pretty good shape, but we aren’t stopping there! The important thing is that we have a recognised and repeatable process to measure and report on going forward”.

Climate action lead: Paul Deed

What we are doing as part of our commitment to climate action:

Climate action: travel

We have set up a scheme for staff to lease electric cars. Staff are encouraged to use public transport when travelling on business. We have reduced business travel by more than 75% in the last five years, using teleconferencing and similar tools instead. Staff work principally from home and have done so for more than five years now. 


The office is equipped with movement sensors and lights are automatically switched off unless there are people in the office. We have operated a recycling scheme for over 10 years with numerous bins for this purpose around the office. Printing is discouraged and has reduced by more than 80% over the last five years.

Climate action: office
Climate action: servers

Over the recent years, we have almost eliminated the need to run our own servers. Although data centres do consume significant amounts of energy, running systems within the cloud is still significantly more efficient than using dedicated servers.  


We provide support to the community in a variety of ways. For instance, we provide office space for one of the local schools to hold interviews and management planning days. We have provided work placements for local schools on a regular basis and for university students, both on a short-term (usually summer holidays) and long-term (one-year industrial placement) basis. We have employed several apprentices over the last 10 years and currently have one training within our development team.

Climate action: community
Climate action: Charity

We support a variety of charities, principally by donating for each customer representative who responds to our annual survey. This year we donated to the Basingstoke food bank – a charity working towards stopping hunger in our local area.

In conclusion

We are dedicated to reducing our carbon footprint and have implemented various strategies to achieve our environmental, social, and sustainability commitments. As members of the SME Climate Hub, we have committed to halving our emissions before 2030 and reaching net zero by 2050. Overall, we strive to set an excellent example for other companies to follow and are committed to sustainability.


The Roundup: Top Takeaways From Q1 2023

The Roundup: Top Takeaways From Quarter 1 2023

April 2023

In the first few months of 2023, the team at Polar Moment have been delivering software development and consultancy projects to some of the world’s leading organisations. Here’s a round-up of what we’ve been up to in the first quarter of 2023.

JCM Global Acquires Shareholding In Game Payment Technology

Top Takeaways From Quarter 1 2023
John Rozek, Polar Moment and Payam Zadeh, JCM Global

JCM Global have acquired bacta’s shareholding in Game Payment Technologythe cashless payments company. Latitude 91 (parent company of Polar Moment) will continue to co-own GPT and has not sold any of its shares. Polar Moment developed and continues to operate the Game Payment system, and provide technical and customer support. Read more here.

Our other highlights this quarter include:

Payments Consultancy

Technical consultancy for a mergers and acquisition specialist.

Top Takeaways From Quarter 1 2023

Software development for ticketless bus travel in Ireland.

Top Takeaways From Quarter 1 2023

Payments terminal supplier selection for a major UK supermarket.

Top Takeaways From Quarter 1 2023

Buy now, pay later services for a finance software provider.

Top Takeaways From Quarter 1 2023

Payments consultancy for a pharmacy chain.

Top Takeaways From Quarter 1 2023

Integration of a PAX IM30 terminal into vending machines.

It’s been a busy start to the year for Polar Moment, and many more exciting payments projects are on the horizon.


JCM Global Acquires Shareholding In Game Payment Technology

JCM Global Acquires Shareholding In Game Payment Technology

April 2023

Game Payment Technology is pleased to announce that JCM Global have acquired bacta’s shareholding in the cashless payments company. Moreover, Latitude 91 will continue to co-own GPT and has not sold any of its shares.


Polar Moment developed and continues to operate the Game Payment system, and provide technical and customer support. You can find out more about Game Payment here.

Driving the amusement and gaming industry forward

The buy-in is a significant move by JCM Global to drive the amusement and gaming machine industry forward with cashless payment solutions. Notably, the integration of Game Payment with JCM’s Ticket2Go system was demonstrated at ICE in February. 


Payam Zadeh, general manager EMEA & managing director UK, JCM Global: “There is no doubt that the need for cashless solutions is growing. Therefore, this investment in Game Payment Technology is strategically very important for JCM Global and an extension of the market-leading service our customers have come to expect from us.”


“These are exciting times for JCM Global. We anticipate that players in jurisdictions around the world will soon be able to pay and collect winnings via Ticket2Go using the GPT app. Therefore effectively replacing cash-handling with a simple, ticket-based solution. The combination of the two systems means that operators can offer cashless payment without needing to alter individual gaming machines. Furthermore, the solution incorporates social responsibility measures and opportunities for precisely targeted marketing initiatives,” added Zadeh.

Looking to the future

Subsequently, Robert Gibb, head of finance and operations at bacta, added: “It has been a pleasure working with the team at Latitude 91. We set out to deliver a reliable solution to address growing concerns about the decline of cash within the amusement and gaming machine industry. I believe we have taken great strides toward this goal. I am extremely positive about the future of Game Payment Technology. Now, with the backing of JCM, GPT will be able to expand its payment solutions for the benefit of operators and players around the world.”


Tim Stratton, chief executive of Latitude 91, commented “This is clearly an exciting development for GPT. The joint venture with bacta achieved such a lot but working with JCM literally opens up a world of new opportunities. I’m confident that you can look forward to a long series of exciting developments in the near future.”

John Rozek, Polar Moment and Payam Zadeh, JCM Global.
Case Study News

Case Study: Red Bee Media Live Subtitling

Case Study: Red Bee Media

Subito live subtitling platform

In 2010 Red Bee Media decided that they needed to replace the system used to produce live subtitling for the BBC, Channel 4, and other broadcasters. Subsequently, Polar Moment, with excellent experience in high-performance transaction processing and database systems, was chosen to develop the new system from the ground up. The new system, Subito, brought with it a number of benefits to the business; collaborative working, rapid re-­use, and extending the system to include metadata. Furthermore, it also incorporates a more modern voice recognition system (Dragon Naturally Speaking) as well as input from standard and stenography keyboards.

High-performance live subtitling

Since then, Red Bee Media has become Ericsson Broadcast and Media Services (EBMS). The Subito live subtitling system developed by Polar Moment has delivered high performance, excellent quality, and superb reliability. Since its first release in 2013, Subito has rolled out around the world, with services in Canada and Australia recently being added to those already in place in the UK, France, Spain, and the Netherlands.

Simon Brand, Head of Programme Delivery and Operational Excellence, EBMS, commented:


“Throughout our relationship with Polar Moment, I’ve always been pleased and impressed with the support we’ve received. There’s an enthusiasm, attention to detail, and level of engagement that sets them apart. Earlier this year we suffered two P0 situations in two different countries within days of each other, both around high-profile launch events, including one in the middle of a weekend. What I saw from Polar Moment was a standard of response well beyond anything I had experienced from other suppliers throughout my time here. Both issues were quickly resolved, and both launches were successful. Dealing as we do, in broadcast critical systems around the world, we’re inherently in a highly demanding and highly visible position. The fact that Polar Moment deliver very much at the upper end of our expectations, even in that context, is testament to the quality of the team there”.

Quality support service

Polar Moment provides a 24×7 support service for Subito. This support was called upon in the run-up to the live launches in Canada and Australia. Polar Moment staff were able to respond to, and resolve, business critical issues quickly allowing EBMS to meet their contractual deadlines with two new customers.

EBMS continues to invest in the system, which is being continually developed on their behalf by Polar Moment. Ericsson creates over 200,000 hours of captioning globally each year, 80,000 of which are live, consistently meeting the required minimum 99.8% uptime and 98% accuracy requirements.

Case Study News

Design, development, installation and deployment of payment systems at Mi-Pay

Design, Development, Installation, and Deployment of Payment Systems at Mi-Pay

Established in 2003 to provide innovative digital payment solutions, Mi-Pay provides a portfolio of mobile payment services for mobile operators and financial service providers. Following continued growth, the company has become a leader in the mobile payments market. Its mission is to build solutions and services that provide the most efficient business processes for re-charging pre-paid accounts and low-value micropayment operations globally.

Mi-Pay offers a complete service for mobile operators, delivering cost reductions when managing pre-pay and post-pay payment services enabling operators to improve ARPU. The company delivers both business and technical operations covering all direct channel top-ups including internet, IVR, SMS, mobile applications and ATM.

Mi-Pay also provides a portal for the consumers to manage their pre-pay accounts from the web or mobile handset. Consumers can review their transactions, amend personal and payment details, and manage automatic top-ups. Through the use of these online services Mi-Pay delivers a superior level of customer service whilst lowering administrative and support costs.

Business and technical consultancy

Mi-Pay uses a complex and feature-rich Postilion system at the core of its transaction processing solution, successfully integrating RealTime and Office systems with its groundbreaking mobile payment platforms. Mi-Pay is continuing to push the boundaries of the Postilion solution by developing its own innovative applications using the Postilion software development kit.

Polar Moment has considerable knowledge and expertise of the Postilion solution and has worked with Mi-Pay on a number of projects including the development of automated regression test solutions, system analysis and design, installation, configuration and deployment of Postilion-based solutions, and software development.

Automated regression testing

Mi-Pay had experienced rapid business growth following the acquisition of several new customer contracts. Each new customer involved a software development project and, given the multiple client requirements, Mi-Pay’s existing test approaches and systems were no longer able to meet the increasing demands placed on the business. To support the continued business growth, Mi-Pay required sophisticated test solutions for its platform. Aimed at improving the productivity of its test activities, the test solutions would introduce
strong functional testing tools as well as highly-effective regression testing.

Mi-Pay needed a partner which could provide unparalleled knowledge and experience of card payment systems as well as practical experience in implementing high-volume critical processing solutions. The Mi-Pay management team were aware of the Polar Moment consultants who are recognised names in the payments industry. The Polar Moment technicians rapidly understood Mi-Pay’s business and technical requirements as well as its technical platforms which included its Postilion solution.

The Polar Moment team successfully delivered the sophisticated test solution required by Mi-Pay. This enabled the company to achieve its quality and efficiency objective and – three years later – these tools are still in use. Following the success of this project, Polar Moment was asked to continue to work with Mi-Pay for ongoing assignments.

System analysis and design

Polar Moment has completed several analysis and design assignments for Mi-Pay, including a significant project for du, one of only two national mobile phone providers in the United Arab Emirates. Implementation of du’s complete consumer payment platform is a major triumph for Mi-Pay. Following delivery of the core payment platform, du had new requirements which necessitated significant upgrades to the Mi-Pay platform. Upgrades included the development of transactional and management information interfaces between the two organisations, enhanced user administration and allowing additional payment types and channels. Given the scale and importance of the projects, it was essential that Mi-Pay delivered.

Mi-Pay required technically competent staff that it could trust to deliver the right solution to the end client. It was important that the team provided understood the Postilion solutions, the Mi-Pay platforms and possessed excellent knowledge of the payments industry in general. The selected team would be working directly with du thus good client-facing skills and the ability to instil confidence and trust were also imperative. Polar Moment was selected to provide the systems analysis and design services for the du project. The team built a strong working relationship with the end-client based on successful delivery of key outcomes.

The feedback received from du was extremely positive and the work of the Polar Moment consultants proved invaluable to the success of the project.

Software development

Mi-Pay had elected to outsource its Postilion software development activities to offshore locations – retaining responsibility for the project management, analysis, design and acceptance testing elements. Mi-Pay experienced a number of issues with software development due to the specialist nature of the Postilion product, including the following:

Delivered components did not accurately reflect business processes as development specifications contained insufficient detail to be fully understood by the software developers.


  • The work effort quoted by the offshore developers was significantly higher than expected owing to their lack of knowledge of the Postilion system.
  • Project deadlines were frequently missed because it took a long time for each new resource to become skilled in Postilion development.
  • Software which was delivered was often of a poor quality, causing further delays and customer dissatisfaction.
  • Communication between UK and non-UK development teams proved difficult incurring excessive management overheads to keep control of the software developments.

As a result, Mi-Pay opted to bring their software development in-house and approached Polar Moment to deliver the required level of Postilion skills.

The Polar Moment team already had a proven track record in delivering successful software development projects for Mi-Pay and was able to provide a core team of developers from the its head office in UK, backed-up by additional resources from the company’s Czech Republic office.

As well as delivering on-site resources to manage all Postilion development, the Polar Moment team also acts as a reference point for any related production or project issues.


Demonstrating extensive Postilion skills and expertise, as well as an overall knowledge of the payments industry, Polar Moment has become a valued partner to Mi-Pay. Delivering significant business value, MiPay has continued to trust Polar Moment with its core processing and is currently working to help deliver Mi-Pay’s next generation mobile-payments solution.

Case Study News

Polar Moment assists Euronet in delivering SEPA compliant cross-border processing solution

Polar Moment Assists Euronet in Delivering SEPA-compliant Crossborder Processing Solution

Euronet is an industry leader in processing secure electronic financial transactions – serving clients in over 130 countries worldwide and processing over one billion payment transactions annually.

The company has an enviable and extensive client base and offers EFT software, network gateways and electronic, prepaid top-up services to financial institutions, mobile operators and retailers across the globe.

In 2007, Euronet signed a long-term agreement with a leading oil and gas group, OMV, to deliver its first SEPA-compliant, cross-border transaction processing solution. OMV wished to migrate decentralised acquiring operations across 12 countries into one single, central, SEPA-compliant processing platform. Upon full rollout, the Euronet platform will cover approximately 5,000 POS terminals as well as POS management and fuel card
authorisation services.

Cross-border, multi-currency payment solution

Euronet implemented a cross-border, multi-currency card payments and fuel card solution to enable retailers to send all of their transactions for processing to a single payment processor. The system provided support for EMV Chip and Pin cards and was implemented using a sophisticated Postilion system. In 2007, OMV became the first customer to adopt the new Euronet system. The system enables OMV to implement the same point of sale systems and technical infrastructure in every country, negating the need for multiple acquiring relationships, and enabling the retailer to operate a single head office accounts department.


Faced with complex and feature-rich customer requirements, aggressive project timescales and a requirement to provide experienced support functions to meet the expectations of OMV, Euronet chose Polar Moment – the leading provider of business and technical consultancy to the payments industry.

Postilion delivery

The implemented solution was based on a sophisticated Postilion platform and, as such, relied heavily on access to experienced payment technicians to deliver the following:


  • Preparation of test plans, scenarios and cases for point of sale and centralised processing functions.
  • Technical support to set-up a series of test and production environments to prove the system
  • A project team to liaise with the vendor on all technical matters.

Successful delivery of the project was reliant on in-depth knowledge of the Postilion system and considerable technical expertise. Euronet selected Polar Moment in the delivery of the OMV project.

The Polar Moment team took the lead in coordinating all Postilion-related activities, adding significant value to the project. Using its strong network across the payments industry, Polar Moment was able to provide Euronet with a team of nine highly experienced payment consultants within a matter of weeks. The Polar Moment consultants liaised with senior teams within Euronet and OMV to fully understand the business and technical drivers for the project. The team’s strong customer focus enabled Polar Moment to develop an
understanding of the cross-cultural requirements necessary to deliver the project successfully.

Polar Moment facilitated the preparation of testing activities for point of sale and centralised processing functions, proving key deliverables of the Postilion platform. Providing a highly qualified project team that could liaise directly with the vendor on technical matters, Polar Moment ensured that system specifications were implemented according to the design. All software upgrades and patches from the payment system vendor were checked for functional correctness before being passed to the test team. The project team also
supported the integration of Postilion elements with other Euronet applications. To ensure that the project continued to deliver added value to OMV once implemented, the Polar Moment team also:


  • Provided Postilion configuration support for updates such as adding new card types or rolling-out the service to additional countries.
  • Installed and configured software updates from the vendor onto test servers and provided initial testing before passing to the test team.
  • Completed go-live activities and liaised with the productions operations team for handover to live processing.

Production operations

Euronet relied on a team with strong knowledge and expertise working with Postilion systems. Polar Moment was selected to support the complex and feature-rich Postilion platform and to provide an extensive Postilion support function.

To support Euronet in the implementation of the OMV system, Polar Moment provided a team of experienced Postilion production support engineers. As well as providing a head of production operations to manage the entire platform, Polar Moment provided experienced Postilion technicians to focus on the elements of the live system. The Production operations team was in place, trained and ready for live operations in time for the scheduled implementation of the project.

Polar Moment also provided an on-call team that was available to respond immediately to any live issues, ensuring the system remained available to OMV 24hours per day. The team also provided a technical interface between Euronet and Postilion – diagnosing any application-specific problems and communicating them to Postilion, so that appropriate fixes could be provided quickly and efficiently.


In addition to standard operations, Polar Moment provided support in the implementation of a highly complex Postilion Active/ Active configuration, in support of providing extremely high system availability by mirroring transactions between two live data centres on a real-time transaction by transaction basis. By supporting the Postilion Active/Active implementation, Polar Moment helped to ensure that downtime was reduced, thus ensuring very high availability to the end customer.

The Active/ Active configuration provided an effective disaster recovery system, eliminating a major technical risk.

Cross-training of in-house staff

To ensure the continued success of the project, Polar Moment provided training to Euronet’s in-house team so that they could take ownership of their own platform.


Polar Moment simplified the roll-out of Euronet’s SEPA-compliant processing platform by providing exceptionally high levels of Postilion expertise and technical knowledge. Building an excellent rapport with OMV and delivering a strong customer focus, Polar Moment helped Euronet to achieve an outstandingly high level of customer satisfaction.

Polar Moment’s consultants were part of the Euronet core team in ensuring that this pioneering Postilion implementation was successful and was one of the first consultancies to provide Euronet with resources for the OMV project. The team has continued to exceed expectations and is now the only provider to still have consultants working on the project today.


John Whittingdale Impressed With Game Payment App Ahead of Gambling Review

John Whittingdale Impressed With Game Payment App Ahead of Gambling Review

10th August 2021

John Whittingdale, Minister of State for Media and Data, witnessed Game Payment Technology’s cashless payment app in action during a recent visit to Clacton. The demonstration took place at Tom Peppers, a sports bar on Clacton seafront, using their Game Payment-enabled Reflex Games Master machine.


Bacta hosted the visit to provide the minister with an insight into the family entertainment and gaming options on offer in Clacton, ahead of the Gambling Review later this year. The review will assess current regulations and whether further measures are needed to protect children and vulnerable people.


Greg Wood, bacta president and a director of GPT, commented “It was a very positive visit, and we are grateful to the minister for giving us several hours of his time. We discussed our asks for the Gambling Review in detail. He was very interested in the Game Payment app.”


Game Payment enables play without physical cash and is designed to help players to manage their spending responsibly. The app allows players to:

  • Add funds up to their safe betting limit
  • Receive reminders of how much they have spent in a gaming session
  • View their transaction history for the last six months
  • Take a break from play for between one week and six months
  • Easily close their account
  • Contact support organisations

John White, chief executive of bacta, stated, “We were able to showcase the best of our industry and explain from personal experience just how difficult the Covid-19 has been for amusement machine businesses.”


Game Payment is easy to install in new and existing machines, both digital and analogue. Contact us at to discuss your machines and the best options to Game Payment-enable them.

John Whittingdale, visit to Clacton

Industry Insights From John Rozek – How does Game Payment provide the right solution to the right market?

Industry Insights From John Rozek

22nd July 2021

As a founding director of both Game Payment Technology and Polar Moment, John has over 20 years of experience at the forefront of the payments industry. He is a recognised and respected professional across the retail payments industry, including delivering the world’s first integrated Chip and PIN solution in 2001. Over the last 2 years, John has led the evolution of the groundbreaking Game Payment solution, helping the amusement industry to meet the challenge of an increasingly cashless world.


In this final blog post from John, he explains how the Game Payment solution responds to different markets.

John Rozek

With differing legislation, equipment types and economic development in different countries, how does Game Payment provide the right solution to the right market?

Fitting the right solution to the right market is all about ensuring you can support all machines, ranging from the state-of-the-art to legacy machines. Some venues want to present the latest internet-connected machines with minimal integration and so software-based solutions are appropriate. Other venues want to exploit their existing machine stock, which provide great revenues from proven games. Many of these machines are analogue and/or are not internet connected. 


Game Payment works with both analogue and digital games machines: we can provide a hardware solution for both types and software-based solutions for digital machines. All of the communication takes place via encrypted dialogue through the player’s phone. Machines that are not internet-enabled can still work with Game Payment.         


Responding to differing legislation is achieved locally through the app or centrally via our cloud-based solutions. Social responsibility is principally delivered at player level within the app. Other gambling, money laundering, and fraud controls are managed centrally.

John Rozek blog

Through the app, players:

  • Can add funds up to their safe betting limit
  • Can instantly reduce their safe betting limit
  • May choose to receive reminders of how much they have spent in a gaming session
  • Can view their transaction history for the last six months
  • Can take a break from play for between one week and six months
  • Can easily close their account
  • Can access links to supportive organisations

We monitor all transactions and interactions in real time, using a blend of rules-based and artificial intelligence systems. These allow us to implement the right controls, based on our risk assessment for each country, region, and market sector. We are able to respond rapidly to changing legislation, keeping us ahead of evolving laws. New fraud rules can be implemented within a matter of hours and any identified threats can be neuturalised within minutes of identification. 


As we come to the end of this series of blog posts, I hope readers have found my thoughts and advice useful. If you think Game Payment might be the right payment solution for you, or you’d just like some more information, contact us at and we’d be happy to discuss your machines and the best options to Game Payment-enable them.